Collage pastel coats ideas

Add A Pastel Coat To Your Wardrobe This Winter

Pastel coats are everywhere, it’s official. Despite the shade of a pastel hue indicating softness, femininity and serenity, it’s actually a tough look to commit to. Think about it – your key piece of clothing is likely going to be in a shade that you find comforting and wearable, that you don’t have to think about. Personally, I think of a great coat and I think about something oversized and charcoal gray with a large collar. I’m not sure I have ever imagined my wardrobe being held together by a canary yellow pea coat or a sugar pink bomber jacket, but times have changed. Continue reading

Ruby rose in ibiza port

Astonishing Ruby Rose Tattoos, All 48 Stunning Tattoos

If you don’t know who Ruby Rose is by now, I’m afraid you must be living under a rock! The wildly successful Australian VJ, DJ, actress, model, recording artist and fashion designer is the hottest topic. Alongside her incredible resume come her incredible looks. She has unique features that combine a masculine edge with a soft femininity. This unusual style is made even more fabulous by her huge collection of tattoos. Over fifty known! Continue reading

Kimono queen contest

Traditional Japanese kimono Dress Ideas

Kimono’s are a thing of real beauty. They come from Japan and are a traditional piece of clothing. They can be worn for many different occasions from casual to formal. The color, pattern and appearance of family crests change depending on how smart the kimono dress is. For example, a kimono made of silk would be considered far smarter than one made of cotton or polyester. Young women’s kimono’s also tend to have longer sleeves to indicate that they are not married. Continue reading

Coach bags newyork

Coach Bags, The Most Classic & High End Designer Hand Bags

Coach bags are some of the most classic and desirable high end designer hand bags. They are classy, well made and stylish and are worn by some of the worlds most fashionable women. The brand Coach was started in 1941. Originally they were a family run leather goods business started in New York. Now of course, they have grown into the brand we know and love. With shops across the globe and many celebrity admirers. Continue reading

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Some guides to choose the right wedding hairstyles

Every bride wishes to look the best on her special day and wedding hairstyles have a huge impact on the personality of a person. You must understand that it is a serious thing to look for your hairstyle and make the right decision for the perfect wedding hairstyle. Remembering a few important points can help you to get the absolute decision for the most desirable look. Continue reading

Know Your Best Plus Size Dresses

Since the population of the bigger people has increased, there has been an increase in demand of the plus size dresses. Now People have become more confident in loving their bodies as they are. More and more people are realizing that starving yourself to become thin is not the solution. Even fat people are now becoming confident enough to try to show off their best features. Continue reading