Coach Bags, The Most Classic & High End Designer Hand Bags

Coach bags newyork

Coach bags are some of the most classic and desirable high end designer hand bags. They are classy, well made and stylish and are worn by some of the worlds most fashionable women. The brand Coach was started in 1941. Originally they were a family run leather goods business started in New York. Now of course, they have grown into the brand we know and love. With shops across the globe and many celebrity admirers.

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The Coach Swagger bag is one of their most famous. This bag has everything you could need. Short handles for slinging over one’s arm. A long strap to be worn across the body. A number of compartments inside for your daily essentials and all made from the highest quality leather. And if Charlize Theron is a fan of Coach Bags, then so are we!
Black coach bag

Here we have another of Coach’s most sought after handbags. This is called the Turnlock. It is like the older and wiser sister of the Swagger bag! It’s clean and simple and elegant. The shape is perfection and means it works well with any outfit. With barely any detailing on the outside, this is the ideal bag from Coach for someone with more understated style.

Coach bag in brown color

If you prefer something a little smaller though Coach’s version of the bowling bag may be just the one for you. This neat and compact bag is small but perfectly formed. Again, it features both short and long handles for your preference. The small body of Coach Bags keep it tucked to your side making it perfect for a shopping trip with the girls when you need to have your hands free!

Coach bags newyork


Coach bags with flowersA beautiful Coach Bag with flower motifs, you may use it at party’s with confidence.

Coach bags

Here is a more traditional Coach number. Their iconic “C” logo is used here in repeat to create a subtle pattern. The slouchy soft sides of this bucket style bag make this a more casual piece though. I would recommend this Coach Bag for anyone who likes to carry a few more belongings with them day to day. The long handles also mean that this sits comfortably under your arm.

Coach light gold khaki brown edie shoulder bag

Here we have a more contemporary style of Coach bag. The boxy shape and small handles make it a rather more unusual looking handbag. Though it still maintains some of the classic Coach style through the stitching and fabric. Overall, it is for the more fashion forward woman. This would work well with a  crisp white shirt and a smart blazer. A great way to channel a more masculine style and ideal for important meetings and presentations.

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Green coach bagsCoach Bags comes not just in different designs, but also in different colors. This green Coach Bag is just a perfect example of unusual bag colors.

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