20 Best Braided Hairstyles You Should Try in 2018

Braided hairstyles

There are many braided hairstyles available that will help you to get a natural and comfortable look. You can never get bored of the braid styles and they go well with every dress at almost every age.

Trendy braided hairstyles to try this summerBraided hairstyles have attained popularity in the present times. You might remember your mom putting your hair in braids to keep you looking great. Kids usually feel tired to sit still for a long period of time, but once braid is done, they look very beautiful. The case is similar for adults.

Cutest braided hairstylesGirls with braided hairstyles look neat and tidy. Braids can be used even in the blend of other formal hairstyles and with the daily hairdos. There can be creative hairstyles made with braids and accessories like pearls, ribbons, beads etc. gives a fantastic look to the hair. Your main focus should be to know the right breed for your hair, color and appearance. Girls are conscious about their appearance and always thinking about choosing the best hairstyle to look impressive. Braids give a unique look to the hair and you’ll see that many celebrities follow these hair patterns for an amazing look.

Making braided hairstyles

It is not a magic trick to make your own braids. It is quite easy and requires no extra time. You can end up your fears of braiding your hair and it only requires practice and patience to learn the right way to do it neatly. There are many videos available online to see different braided hairstyles and you can check them to make the right hairdo.

Easy single braidSingle braid is very easy and it requires no extra effort. You need to detangle your hair perfectly to make the first move. Usually, hairbrush is used for the same.

Braid basicBasic Braid: You can designate your hair into three equal sections (approximately) and begin the crossing of right section over the one in the center area. Simply, repeat these steps with the left section. You can do it till the desired length, and finally, tie the end of the braid to make it secured.

Three Hottest African-American Braided hairstyles

Crochet braids

Crochet braids hairstylesDon’t confuse crochet braids with box braids. These are growing in trend of adding extensions to one’s hair. These braids are techniques for braiding that involve crocheting synthetic hair extensions to the natural hair for a latch look. It is majorly associated with the African American community.

Black tank top and braidsCrochet hair looped underneath the cornrows with the crochet needle (hooked structure) and there are knots made to make them look amazing.

You need to learn cornrowing your hair as it will help you in making crochet braids. This gives a naturally beautiful look to the girls and requires about 2-3 hours for the weavers to do it. Some people even make these braids with the Bobby pin, if they lose the crochet needle.

Box Braids

Big box braids hairstylesIt is not a new trend, but looks amazing despite of its old trending. Women of all ethnicity wear this hairstyle and it is amazing. It is a hair protective style and shields hair from extreme weather conditions. It certainly promotes hair length and has low maintenance and convenient nature. In warm weather countries, box braids are chosen for their weather resistant nature.

Box braid hairstyleAvoid choosing these braids, if you have a fine hair texture. This braid is the best for thick hair as there will be too many braids created from the hair, which are thick for styling. It requires about 8 hours to do this hairdo (depends on braid size and the stylist expertise).

It is essential to take care of the real hair and keep them healthy and hydrated. There should be conditional spray and daily moisturizer applied on the hair to keep them lubricated. Synthetic hair can dehydrate the natural hair and makes them dry and brittle. You can reduce the breakage of hair by keeping well lubricated braids.

Cornrows braids

Cornrows braidedCornrow or cane-row braids are mostly followed by the men and women in the Caribbean region. It is the old typical African hair style of hair grooming. The hairs are braided too closely to the scalp from the underhand, upward motion for producing a raised row. These are formed in straight lines (in general), but also in complicated geometric designs.

Cute braided hairstyles for black hairThese braids are easy to maintain and the rows can be left for 7-10 days. There is regular oiling of scalp and hair wash required to keep the scalp ready. Cornrow hairstyles are sometimes adorned with cowrie shells or beads.

Small or large braids can be chosen and it depends on the creativity of the hair stylist to do it. There are simply to complicated hairdos done by the experts and it requires a lot of time to do small braids of the whole hair.

Tips for Perfect Braiding of your Own HairSide braid hairstyle tutorial

    1.  Use some water for damping your hair and separate the sections with the tail comb to have beautiful sectioning.
    2.  In case of tough hair, you can use some hair gel or finishing paste for better styling. Just use a very small amount of these products for avoiding your hair to become sticky.
    3. There are invisible hair ties available in the market for fixing the tails before braiding. You can use them for quality work.
    4. Check DIY videos on YouTube and other sources for getting step-by-step instructions for braiding your own hair.

Braided hairstyles braids for every hair lengthBraids are fun to do, but you require patience and practice them regularly for a better outlook. For the complicated braids, choose a salon or expert doing it in the best way. You can have the best of beauty and simplicity, integrated through these braids. It will certainly make you feel great from inside.

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