Latest Winter Trends for 2014

Winter Fashion 2014

“Winter is coming”. Whenever it gets chilly outside, you need to change everything from food, drinks, makeup, music and especially clothes. All trends apart, it is important to be comfortable in what you wear. Hear are pictures of some of the latest winter trends that are being followed by millions of ladies worldwide.

2014 winter trends

2014 winter trends

This winter, black color is favorite of many. Though the picture doesn’t point a winter fashion, nevertheless, bring dark colors such as black in your wardrobe. I also love the Turtleneck sweater in black(middle lady).

winter fashion

Winter fashion

I love pairing an oversized sweater with boots, and the skull pendant accessory adds a ‘fun’ factor to the ensemble.

Winter Fashion 2014 5

winter fashion

The winter coats are a must for your wardrobe. Now coats are available in myriad of colors and styles. So you can choose less bulky coats and jackets that compliments your body while giving you warmth. Other smart choices includes fleece jackets, leather jackets, Wool coats and denim jackets.

Winter Fashion 2014 4

Cardigans and sweaters gives the comfort and trendy look to your outfit. I really like print and color of this sweater. The outfit is mono-toned but the colorful accessories complete the look.

winter fashion

This black outfit looks really sophisticated with the fur at the neck, but the long leather boots gives a classy and bold look.

winter fashion

Adding a thick scarf with your outfit really compliments the look. Plus you can wear your scarf in so many different ways, giving an adorable look. Winter dressing is all about dressing in layers and not looking all bulky. If you are going to wear a scarf then make sure to even out the look with skinny jeans or a skirt. Jewel tones do best for the winter season (think of emerald, ruby, cobalt etc).

2014 winter trends 2014 winter trends

This winter fill up your wardrobe with grays and browns. If they are too simple for you, then make it unique by wearing a set of jewelry and accessories. A simple necklace will definitely add a glam factor!

Also keep your makeup natural with dark lip shades. Maroons, reds and purple are your colors of the winters.

2014 winter trends

If you are a person of light color favorites, then you need to have a cute girly sweater along with a decent pair of heels. Experiment with different sweaters to find out what looks best on you.

2014 winter trends

Bold floral Prints are also welcomed this season.

2014 winter trends

Along with boots you should also look for a pair of trendy heels. Checkered and cheetah prints heels will give a classy and timeless look.

2014 winter trends 3

So these are a few winter outfits ideas that will certainly help you keep warm without looking too bulky. I Hope this post gives you a little inspiration for your Winter wardrobe.  I’m definitely loving the deeper bold tones! They are definitely a good investment for winter clothing that should last for a few years. P.s. Buy all shades of Red lipsticks that suits you.