5 Rules for the Perfect Prom Makeup

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Getting ready for prom is not an easy task. There are so many things that need to be considered in order to enjoy the best night of your life. When it comes to makeup, there are certain rules that can help you achieve the perfect look. You will find vital pieces of advice in this informative article.
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Rule no. 1 – Opt for the mouth or the eyes, never for bothbrown prom makeup for eyesThe biggest mistake you can ever do is to put too much makeup and look completely unnatural. Think about your best traits and emphasize them. If you opt for the eyes, choose a natural color of the lips and vice versa.

Rule no. 2 – The skin needs to look flawlessprom makeup natural lip and eyesEven if you already have in mind the perfect prom makeup for your lips or eyes, you must not neglect your skin. Avoid putting too much foundation and most important make sure that the tone you choose matches your skin. If you have acne, you can use a concealer.

Rule no. 3 – Find your inspiration in red carpet celebrities
red carpet celebsIf you have no idea how your makeup should look, you can always think about celebrities. It is easier to mimic a makeup than to come up with your own mix of colors. There are various magazines that approach this aspect in a detailed manner, and they even point out the steps and products used, so it will be easy to do it yourself.

Rule no. 4 – Look good for picturesMakeup For PromThe perfect prom makeup is not the only concern for the party, but you also need to look flawless in the pictures. You can achieve the perfect look if you apply powder on the oily areas. Make sure you opt for a high-quality product that is in the same tone with the foundation. It is a good idea to take it with you in the purse and apply it whenever you feel sweaty.

Rule no. 5 – Cat eyes or red lipsmakeup ideas for promThe most popular trends in prom makeup are cat eyes and red lips. Cat eyes require attention to details as you need to use the eyeliner and false lashes. If you feel that you cannot draw the perfect line, you can always switch to smoky eyes as they are easier to achieve, and incredibly classy. Emphasizing the lips is seductive and fun.

All that you need are a liner and a long-lasting lipstick. With one of these two makeup styles, you will definitely be the queen of the prom.
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Don’t think as much about your Prom makeup and dress. Take it easy, confidence on yourself and just enjoy your party.

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