All About Punk Fashion

The punk fashion has been around for quite a long time now. This style is not only involved clothing, but also hairstyles, jewelry and cosmetics as well. The people who follow Punk Fashion are commonly known as the “punks”.
You might have seen a lot of kids in your school go punk.

This is quite an extreme style of fashion and a lot of people look at it with contempt. When this fashion was started in the 1970’s the purpose was to shock the people and it worked very well. People who wanted to stand out from the crowd became the followers of this fashion and it has been around since then.most unique punk fashion

The punk fashion in 1970’s was much milder than it is now. Over the years as fashion became bolder, new things were added to the category of punk fashion. In the early years, punk fashion involved wearing tee shirts with extremely offensive symbols. The clothes were intentionally torn to make it appear that the model had a complete disregard for wearing clothes that were proper and formal.punk fashion for women

Military boots, jackets and leather jeans were all a part of punk style of clothing. They are still worn by a lot of punks. When it comes to the hairstyles, the punks mostly like to keep their hair messy. You might also have seen punks with their hair dyed in most outrageous colors such as pink, green, purple and orange among many others. Boys like to make spikes out of their hair.punk fashion unique hairstyle

Jewelry is also an important part of the punk fashion. People who follow the punk fashion like to wear studded jewelry and heavy chains all the time. Body piercing is quite common among the punks. Makeup is worn by both males and females who adopt the punk style.punk fashion with casual style

Thick eyeliner and dark lipsticks are the two essential parts of punk make up. Punk fashion mostly involves wearing a combination of clothing. You need to be really creative how to mix both masculine and feminine articles together. Although a lot of people consider punks to be weird, but the punk fashion is still quite fascinating to see.

punk fashion with retro combination

punk fashion with unique jacket

stylish punk fashion for women