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Collage pastel coats ideas

Add A Pastel Coat To Your Wardrobe This Winter

Pastel coats are everywhere, it’s official. Despite the shade of a pastel hue indicating softness, femininity and serenity, it’s actually a tough look to commit to. Think about it – your key piece of clothing is likely going to be in a shade that you find comforting and wearable, that you don’t have to think about. Personally, I think of a great coat and I think about something oversized and charcoal gray with a large collar. I’m not sure I have ever imagined my wardrobe being held together by a canary yellow pea coat or a sugar pink bomber jacket, but times have changed. Continue reading

Emma Stone Fashion, Style & Look – Inspired Glam

Emily Jean Stone or Emma Stone is a beautiful actress and a top class Hollywood celebrity who was born in Arizona, United States in November 6, 1988. She is one of the most popular young Hollywood actresses today. It seems to be famous in Hollywood film industry is not enough for Emma Stone, she is also a multi-talented girl since Emma Stone is also known as singer and model. Continue reading