The Brand, Queen Elizabeth Owns 200 Purses From

Bags from the best brands are the dream of every lady now days and every women, girl try to choose more luxury and distinguish brand of their bags. There are hundred of companies creating the best bags, including Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Marc Jacobs etc. Many women also follow their favorite celebrities, but what about follow the royal queen of England Queen Elizabeth II.queen elizabeth handbag

Looking glamorous and fashionable is not important for some women, but they want look more elegant and high class. Than lets follow Queen Elizabeth an icon of royal life and top class. According to Elle magazine, Queen Elizabeth own 200 bags from Launer, one of the top brand base in London. Launer sending her their bags time by time, and Queen love to not just keep them, but she use these bags on many special events, including Kate and William’s wedding in 2011.launer bags queen with Kate

Launer bags are expensive with a price tag of above $2000 US, but they are very elegant and top quality. Their bags are simple, but they will make you special and top class on any event.launer bags design


launer bags


Queen Elizabeth ii Bags