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How to grow hair faster!

There are hundreds of tricks and myths to grow hair faster, but most of them are not true.Your genes contribute a major reason to your hair growth rate. On average, hair grows about half an inch a month. This is just an average, but obviously it depends to many factors. Here are some easy natural ways to grow hair faster, see the difference within a month. Continue reading

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion Trends 2014

As the gray days are getting shorter, the climate is becoming breezy and crisp. Everyone’s looking forward to chilly days so they can wear hat, boots, sweaters and scarfs. With fall, comes the neutral earthy tones. Say bye bye to fresh bright colors and welcome in warm tones. Here are some trends to fill up your wardrobe with. Continue reading

Eye wrinkles

Tips to fight Eye Wrinkles!

First rule of taking care of skin is to prevent ageing. The first signs of ageing appear right after 30. There is no secret to prevention; however you can always reduce it drastically. We must not sit helplessly as the glow of the windows to our soul goes on the dimmer switch. Here are few tips you should adopt right from the early age to help you in the long run. Continue reading