Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends

Winter Fashion 2014

Latest Winter Trends for 2014

"Winter is coming". Whenever it gets chilly outside, you need to change everything from food, drinks, makeup, music and especially clothes. All trends apart, it...
Halloween Costumes

Trick or Treat – Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of the year, Halloween is near. It’s time to look for costumes or you can also make one at home. Halloween...
Top Knot

How to do the Top Knot

Top Knots are rather difficult to make, but not impossible. the key is placement and practice. There are two ways to make an efficient...
Denim Shirt

Denim Dress and Jeans – The look

Every day, Denim dresses are becoming more popular in the world.One of the most multi-purpose fabrics in your wardrobe, I guarantee you! Denim can be...
Floral Dresses

Floral Dresses for Summer/Spring

The best way to brighten up the day is to get the floral dresses out of your wardrobe. Floral prints bloom up the mood,...
Beach Hair waves

Beach Hair Waves for Summer

Each one of us wants to wake up every morning having perfect hair with smooth waves that are tangle free. The sexy beachy waves...
Nail Art Designs

Give a shot to these Nail Art Designs!

Nail Art designs have become one of the hottest fashion trends. Nail artists are all over the world creating extra-ordinary designs with all the...
Outfits for School

Outfits for School – Simple and Cute

School Fashion never goes out of trend. Waking up daily and getting ready is the hard part. You have an hour or so to...

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