Charlize Theron Short Hair, A Bold & Sexy Look

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We’re all guilty of lusting after another woman’s hair and more often than not, it’s those long luscious locks that do it. We’re trained to think that the most feminine way to express yourself is with long hair. How often do any of us fantasize about cutting it all off?

Radar charlize theronBut wait a second and let me remind you of an advert. A Christian Dior advert nonetheless. A woman, Amazonian in stature stalks like a panther through gilded rooms. She tears off her necklace, unzips her dress and it falls in a pool on the floor. She is sexuality personified. She has short hair. This is Charlize Theron and this is why we’ve been getting it all wrong!

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Charlize Theron Hairstyle History

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Since the late 90’s when she starred in the Woody Allen film Celebrity, Charlize Theron has donned numerous different styles of short hair. From a platinum blonde crew cut to the Old Hollywood glamour of short set waves; the short black Cleopatra style bob with the warm red curls, disheveled and swept back off her face. She has made this cut her own time and time again and we could all learn a thing or two.

Charlize Theron
So, where to start. It’s a scary thought to chop off your hair if you’ve been used for a longer length. It feels a part of your personality. That said, it can also be a hindrance. Contrary to belief, it is rather difficult to style long hair as there is so much of it! So, employ some Charlize Theron attitude and be bold. That doesn’t mean to say you have to shave your head. Why not start with a short bob, just shy of your earlobes. This still gives you lot’s to play with (twists, clips, grips and slides will be essential) while also being drastic enough to feel like a real change.

Short hair of Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron
Or maybe you’re a step ahead of us and already sport short hair but fancy a change. How about looking over Charlize’s back catalogue for some inspiration? Try sleeping with your hair twisted into messy knots to recreate her tousled casual style. Or for something a little more daring, why not dye your hair a few shades darker.Charlize theron short hairstyles short curls

This is unfailingly dramatic and paired with a dark red lip is incredibly seductive and a classic look for a strong, feisty woman. And if you’re just still unsure, remember that short hair accentuates the eyes and elongates the neck, which is never a bad thing. Just look at these Charlize Theron photographs.
Charlize theron sexyCharlize Theron Look sexy and Bold with her short hair cut.

Charlize theron short hair side view

Charlize theron short hairCharlize Theron style her short hair like boys during an event.

Charlize theron short hairstyle

Charlize theron short vlonde hair

Charlize theronEither she have till shoulder cut or boys cut, her hair always short.

Charlize theron pixie hair