Denim Vest for Summer – Classy Blue

Denim Vest

Denim is inescapable! Denim are one of the most wanted piece for this mid-season/ spring and summers especially. Denim can make you look both formal and informal depending on what cloth your pair it with. 

Denim VestDenim Vest

Choose a size

Wear every size and choose one which compliments your body whether it is smallest size or oversized. For best results, try a comfy mid-length vest for versatile look. You must maintain the balance and watch your body proportions. If you are wearing an oversized vest, then pair it with skinny jeans. If you like wearing shunken styles, wear it over a  free flowing shirt. The vest are sleeve-less, you shouldn’t pair them with a sleeve shirt underneath, otherwise that will take the essence of the vest. Denim Vests come in different colors and styles. The classic is obviously the blue faded vest which can vary in color from inky midnight blue to faded off white. You can fit in a buttoned or zipper vest, depending upon your style. I for one prefer a faded shade of blue, looks elegant and chic with browns.

Denim Vest


Denim come in may colors, do not get afraid of trying out bold colors. The hottest and favorite most color in sun-kissed, faded light blue color of the vest like in the picture above.

Denim Vest

Denim Vest

The vest is an exceptional piece for layering up on the long sleeve shirts. Hence the edgy look is stable for any weather.

Denim Vest

Sync your vest with the patterned shirt and pair of skinny jeans with boots. This will look edgy as well as classy. You can always wear a scarf along with the denim for more flattering look.

Denim Vest Denim Vest

Denim Vest

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