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Emily Jean Stone or Emma Stone is a beautiful actress and a top class Hollywood celebrity who was born in Arizona, United States in November 6, 1988. She is one of the most popular young Hollywood actresses today. It seems to be famous in Hollywood film industry is not enough for Emma Stone, she is also a multi-talented girl since Emma Stone is also known as singer and model.
emma stone (11)The girlfriend of Andre Garfield started her career in Hollywood in 2004. Emma Stone appeared on a television program called The New Partridge Family playing her role as Lauren Patridge. It is a reality show program. Her performance is admired by some production houses and since then she has received many offers from some film producers.
emma stone (1)In 2007, Emma Stone stepped her foot in an acting career. “Super bad” was her first movie. It is a comedy film and she did her best in her performance as Jules. It is proven by bringing home Young Hollywood Award in 2008 as a young newcomer actress. The award boosts her career and more film producers stand in line to ask her to join their production house such as Dtupid, Crazy, The Amazing Spider man, and Zombie land.
emma stone (3)Many film critics appraised Emma Stone performance, especially on her new film Magic in the Moonlight, a film directed by Woody Allen. They said that they see different Emma and the only thing remain the same is her beauty. Magic in the Moonlight is a comedy film and she plays as Sophie.
emma stone (5)Her acting is getting better and better in her latest film. Logically, it is impossible for Woody Allen to select an ordinary actress or actor for his film.
emma stone (7)Many people predict that Emma Stone will reach her top performance and career. Emma Stone is also predicted will be in one level with her senior, Julia Roberts or Meryl Streep.
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Actor Emma Stone in Birdman
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