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Out of all the female Stars out there whose wardrobes I would love to raid, Emma Stone is one of the top. From Hollywood sweetheart to bonafide movie star, Emma showed off her talent in Easy A, Superbad, and then the Amazing Spider-Man. Her fashion sense is incomparable with black pencil dresses to cute floral frocks.


She’s a natural blonde and has a serious case of chromatic wanderlust. She loves her hair red too. For makeup, Emma keep it very natural and fresh for everyday look. However her favorite to-go look is dark matte lip shades with a black winged liner. Emma loves peach and brown shades for blush which suits her complexion.

Emma Stone Emma

Dark defined eyes also suit her with a light shade of lip color to give her a youthful look.

emma Emma Stone

Miss A is famous for her slim figure and cute innocent face. She looks ultra-pretty in floral dresses.

Emma Stone 4 emma

Emma has succeeded in winning the hearts of millions of fashion gurus with her chic style. She managed to excel the art of red carpet dressing by wearing Lanvin and Chanel.

emma Emma Stone

With her flawless porcelain skin, she has managed to get the attention of everyone with her out-of-the-world gowns.

Emma dress Emma Stone

Emma Stone


Emma Stone
Yellow Pleated Maxi Gown
My personal favorite <3

Emma looks exquisite in every dress she wear and always puts an individual stamp on whatever she wears.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone

She looks equally cute in casual outfits. Here are some of the best pick up which you can wear for a girl’s day out.

emma emma

I loved these picture of both of ’em together. Kind of perfect couple.

emma 6

Emma Stone 7

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