Types Of Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

The engagement is an important event in the life of a couple, and the ring plays a major role. If you wish to make the future bride happy, it is mandatory to be aware of the following rule: diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There are various types of engagement rings that you can choose from, and they are all presented in the paragraphs below.Engagement Rings


solitaire engagement ringSolitaire is the engagement ring that has a single diamond. What makes it special is the cut of the diamond. Furthermore, you can choose between the following metals: silver, white gold, yellow gold and platinum.

Solitaire with Side Accents

engagement ring Solitaire with Side AccentsThe main attraction of this type of engagement ring is the central diamond. However, there are additional smaller diamonds placed in the setting that make it look bright. The best thing is that they look amazing on any type of precious metal.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

Three Stone Engagement RingThe three stone ring is not a simple one, as it comes with a romantic significance: the past, present and future. The three majestic diamonds are beautifully linked together and can have either pointy or round shapes. In this case, you can choose between yellow gold, platinum or white gold.

The Promise Ring

engagement ring fingerIt is a smaller version of the traditional engagement rings, perfect for women who do not like big gems. In this case, the diamonds are smaller and beautifully placed together in a round or oval shape. It looks amazing combined with yellow, rose or white gold, but also with silver.

Colored Gemstones

blue gem engagement ringThis type of engagement band has the colorful gemstones in the middle, while the rest of area is covered with traditional small white diamonds. The most popular alternatives are rubies and sapphires, as they provide a royal look.


Swirl Diamond Engagement ringSwirl is the perfect type of ring for romantic women. In this case, the diamond is placed in an unusual shape, that provides an artistic look. The precious metal can be or cannot be covered in smaller diamonds.

In order to pick the right engagement ring for your bide-to-be, you need to think about her preferences. Choose a design that matches her style, and you will definitely receive a positive answer and make her feel like a princess.

classical engagement rings
Vintage classical engagement rings, you may give them to your loved one as an antique.
gold engagement rings
In some places its trend to give pure gold and diamond ring instead of white gold.

Diamond ring
engagement ring soltaire
engagement rings

Simon G engagement ring
Simon G is a popular name in engagement ring designs, if you want buy same like above will cost you around $3000 to $4000, depend on the usage of diamonds.

white gold and diamond engagement ring