24 Powerful Hourglass Tattoo Ideas For Men & Women

Hourglass tattoo

The hourglass tattoo has always been a hugely popular piece of iconography for those who like their body art to be more on the intellectual side. The phrase “the sands of time” was born from the hourglass and refers to the length of a person’s life which, when having the design permanently inked onto your skin, is rather appropriate.

Hourglass tattoo meaning

Hour glass tattoo meaningsThe meaning of the hourglass comes in on a wide spectrum. Classically, it symbolizes the movement of time, a reminder for people to live in the moment and enjoy each day as it comes.

Hourglass tattooThe hourglass holds many other meanings for people too – from the organic shape which can be seen to mimic that of a woman’s body or delving back in time to the alchemists theory that the top bulb represents the sky and the bottom bulb, the earth.

Broken hourglass mens forearm tattooThere is also the broken hourglass tattoo’s meaning which is somewhat opposing. A shattered glass bulb signifying the owner’s decision to break the free of the shackles and constraints of time and to live life by their own rules.

Hourglass tattoo shapes and Styles

Hourglass tattoo shapeThis beautiful symmetric shape can be inked in all manner of ways. If you decide on the classic black ink, a small, simple outline of the hourglass could become an icon, somewhere discreet on the body.

Hourglass tattooAlternatively, a large scale, colored image could suit you better, with people opting to add imagery into the bulbs. The sand becomes feathers in the top bulb and the bottom holds a tree.

Hourglass tattoo for womenAnother option if the hourglass tattoo is for a woman could be to follow the fine line tattoo art that has become so popular over the last five years. Usually depicted in gray scale with incredibly fine ink work, these tattoos can look almost scientific and would lend itself excellently to this imagery.

Hourglass tattoo sleeveHourglasses can also be a superb base for a tattooed sleeve. Such a simple shape works well with myriad decorations surrounding it and the soft edges of the shape allow it to blend well with other images.

Chest tattoos for women hourglass with wingsMaybe you’d like to make it even more unique though, so how about adding wings to your hourglass. Feathered wings stretching out to each side of this sumptuous shape added an extra element to an already beautiful image and leads to its very own interpretation of iconic.

Watercolor hourglass with wings tattoo on man chestThe hourglass with wings can be seen to mean that time flies. Life is constantly moving forward at a fast rate so do what you can to make it an experience – and what better way to remind yourself of this than with a gorgeous tattoo.

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