Japanese Street Fashion and Pop Culture

Decora JApanese Street Fashion

The recent trends in fashion industry have a great impact on the Japanese pop culture and street fashion. The pop culture or manga gain too much popularity in Japan and a lot of youngsters have adopted it as a style of living.
colorful Japanese Street Fashion  The youth of the country can be seen dressed up as Gothic, punk, rock or Lolita styles. If you ever go to Tokyo, you would see people dressed up in unique styles and costumes to stand out from the crowd. This style has come to be known as the “Japanese Street Fashion” all over the world.Japanese Street styleJapanese Street fashion is no longer just limited to Japan, but has also found its way to other countries of the world including America. This article describes some of the most common fashion themes from Japan.


lolita japanThis is a popular street fashion for women in japan and it includes Gothic, sweet, punk, classic and kodona styles as sub genres. They are all completely different from each other and involve different colors and styles of clothing.

Gyaru and Gyaruo

Gyaru and GyaruoIt is inspired from the Western fashion. Gyaru can be described as the girly- glam style. It usually involves the blond hair and tanned skin.


KogalThis style of clothing is usually for students who are still in high school and have to wear uniforms. It was also quite popular among women in the 1990’s who would wear uniform style skirts and socks.


DecoraDecora is another popular Japanese street fashion. It is usually characterized by wearing brightly colored clothes. The women who follow this fashion can be seen wearing a lot of jewelry and hair accessories.


bosozoku fashionThis style has been portrayed in a lot of anime and films in Japan and used to be quite popular in the 1990’s. It is characterized by wearing jumpsuits, baggy pants and tall boots.

Visual kei

Visual keiIt involves wearing bright costumes with heavy makeup and striking hairstyles and was introduced by the Japanese pop musicians during the 1980’s.

Mori Kei

Mori KeiMori Kei is the kind of fashion that makes people look like they have come from a mythical forest or a fantasy land. It is quite common among the women in Japan.Japanese Street Fashion girl

Japanese Street Fashion Girls

Japanese Street Fashion