15 Latest Nail Designs Trends You May Try In 2018

new nail designs 2018

Long gone are the simple days when nail polish was either ruby red or clear. When you could drag it across your nails five minutes before leaving the house and hope that the party had bad lighting. When the nails were an afterthought to the outfit, not the main event.

Beauty cable knit nails 2018Times have changed and nail designs are here to stay. They are rather exciting times, though… think of geometric patterns, different pastel colors on each nail, glitter seeping in from the cuticles and intricate designs etched in miniature. So where to begin this spring 2018 with your nail designs?

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Geomatric nailsOne of the hottest looks this season appears to be the geometric print. Chunks of color split at angles across the nail that feel like a cross between minimalism, cubism and pop art. This is the haute couture of nail design ladies! Nail art can often be tricky to apply, but this is one of the far easier looks to do yourself this spring.

Nail designsA number of these styles even leave large areas of the nail bed blank as it becomes part of the canvas. This means it’s a thrifty design to choose as well, saving those precious pots of lacquer!

Nail shapesThe traditional nail shape you may try are square, rounded nails and Oval, but now days the most popular are Stiletto nails, almond nails and Ballerina.

In the case of these bold block shapes, the fashion powers that be have decreed that bright chalky pastel tones make a great contrast to these strong shapes. They lend a distinctly feminine feel to this bold look. What a combination! Another variant of this is the inverted french manicure. One nude nail with a slice of red at the top. Then one red nail with a slice of nude. Easy to administer and it employs the same block style.
Nail designs tanya taylorNow if you prefer something a little more glitzy then don’t worry, there’s something out there for you too. Glitter will always hold a place in some of our hearts and this spring is no different. There’s a real trend occurring in nail design this season for leaving parts of the nail and this works beautifully with a light gold glitter. Dab it in quite thickly around the edges of the nail, then with short brush strokes draw it towards the center of the nail bed. This creates a beautiful, barely-there effect that will catch the light perfectly.Gillter nail designs

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