Learn How to Accessorize Your Favorite Bag

Best Designer Bag Charms

Bags are the optimum accessories that can help you complete an outfit. They come in various styles and designs that make them pretty special and unique. However, if you really wish to achieve an out of the box look, you need to consider adding something interesting to the bag you use regularly. Not only that, this will provide a fresh look, but it will turn it into a major attraction among friends.
Best Designer Bag Charms

1. Try Key Chains

bag accessory keychainIf you want to provide a sporty and unique look to your bag, you can try adding several key chains. They do not have to be expensive, but they need to match the style of the bag. A good idea would be to opt for charms, or use chains that can be hooked to the handles for a dramatic effect.

2. Forever Vintage

vintage accessoriesVintage pieces of jewelry that you use no more, but it still looks good and can be turned into an amazing accessory for the bag. Clip-on earrings can be added to the handles, while brooches can be pinned directly on the fabric. However, if you choose to pierce your purse, make sure that you get it right from the first time, otherwise you risk ruining it. Remember to check if they are properly attached, as they can get caught on your clothing.

3. Colorful Craft Supplies

craft suppliesYou can set up your favorite bag for summer with several craft supplies. All you need is a glue gun and anything you find in your home that could look good with the bag: brooches, beads, buttons or studs. It is important to understand that once you apply them, they are permanent, so be careful what you choose.

4. Romantic Ribbons

heart ribbonRibbons are a subtle, yet romantic way to accessorize your bag. You can either purchase them, or do them yourself using old scarves. They can be placed either on the handle or replace a broken zipper. Furthermore, they are also practical as you can use them to pull back your hair when you do not have a hair tie with you. Not to mention that they add color and texture to your outfit.

5. Practical Hair Clips

flower hair clipsThis is a practical and fun way to accessorize your bag. Just like ribbons, they can be placed on the handle or can fix a broken zipper. In order to make the bag look elegant, it is a good idea to opt for clips with catchy features, like flowers or jewels.

handbag accessoriesBe creative and change the look of your bag today!