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Lily collins

Lily Collins is the daughter of England top musician, Phil Collins from Phil’s second wife, Jill Tavelman. She moved to Los Angeles with her mother when she was 5 years old.
Lily collins
Lily Collins previously played – in her first career – in the BBC series “Growing Pains” when she was 2. Lily graduated from the University of Southern California. She was a columnist for England magazine, Elle; Seventeen, Teen Vogue and for Los Angeles magazine and Times.
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Lily Collins took her role in the film The Blind Side plays as Collins Tuohy in 2009 and in her thriller film Priest plays as Lucy Pace. Till now at Lily Collins has been performing 8 films. The last two films are The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and The Mortal Instruments: City of ashes which taken from a bestselling novel written by Cassandra Clare.

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Lily Collins has her own motto about her makeup. Lily said “Less is More”. She feels her face healthier and much convenient without cosmetics.
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Lily was inspired by her senior, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Connelly and Julianne Moore about cosmetics. In her opinion, those famous actresses do not use cosmetic much. They are just balancing their inner and outer beauty.
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She never takes her makeup assistant and dresser assistant during her acts. She prefers to do everything by herself. According to her, it is much faster and less costly.

Where ever she goes, Lily Collins always brings her camera, Blackberry phone and mobile. In addition, she uses to bring her “Nude” Bobbe joy lipstick, “Fiji” face powder, floss, nail file and an apple.
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The latest news about her is her new boyfriend, Thomas Cocquerel, an Australian actor. Lily likes him as Thomas has a good sense of humor and he loves her career.

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