History of Makeup and Cosmetics

history of makeup

“A woman without paint is like food without salt.”– Plautus. The invention of makeup or paint started from 10,000 BC when the evolution of scented oils began. Perfumes and skincare products were used by Egyptians including variety of oils.

history of makeup


Egyptian women used to apply lead, copper and a green paste of copper to their faces and “kohl” kajal made from burnt almonds and elements to define their eyes. During 3000 BC, the women in China started painting their nails with gold and silver colors. Similarly the Gracian women painted their face with white lead and darken their eyebrows with the fake oxen hair. Eventually the white lead changed into rice powder to make the face flawless by the Japanese women and the worse part is that they used to shave off their eyebrows and colored their teeth gold and black!!! Now that’s something unimaginable, right?

history of makeup

During 100 AD, people in Rome started taking care of their skin more with the use of butter, sheep fat and flour. Henna was used in many parts of the world to dye the hair. In 1300 AD, Elizabeth of England dyed her hair red, and women started applying egg whites over their faces as beauty masks. In the Renaissance period, fragrances and perfumes were made. The white lead coverage was known as the Mask of the Youth when Queen Elizabeth I England started using it. Similarly blond hair became more famous and hair dyes were available in the market.

history of makeuphistory of makeup

Beauty salons gained popularity with ages when the middle aged women were pressurized to look glamorous all the time.

m.a.c. makeup m.a.c. makeup

Finally in 1960s, many makeup styles were introduced including the hippie movement which is natural-looking makeup, glam which is colorful and extravagant and last punk which involved darker shades of colors. Now there are thousands of styles to get inspired from. Living in the 21st century is the best era for us cosmetic lovers!

m.a.c. makeup m.a.c. makeup m.a.c. makeup m.a.c. makeup

m.a.c. makeup

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