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How to grow hair faster!


There are hundreds of tricks and myths to grow hair faster, but most of them are not true.Your genes contribute a major reason to your hair growth rate. On average, hair grows about half an inch a month. This is just an average, but obviously it depends to many factors. Here are some easy natural ways to grow hair faster, see the difference within a month.

Latest Winter Trends for 2014

Winter Fashion 2014

“Winter is coming”. Whenever it gets chilly outside, you need to change everything from food, drinks, makeup, music and especially clothes. All trends apart, it is important to be comfortable in what you wear. Hear are pictures of some of the latest winter trends that are being followed by millions of ladies worldwide.

Trick or Treat – Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of the year, Halloween is near. It’s time to look for costumes or you can also make one at home. Halloween is not only about trying a costume, it’s about looking unique and out of the world.

How to do the Top Knot

Top Knot

Top Knots are rather difficult to make, but not impossible. the key is placement and practice. There are two ways to make an efficient top knot. A strong top knot should sit flat on the top of your head as well as look voluminous. 

Fall Fashion Trends 2014

Fall Fashion

As the gray days are getting shorter, the climate is becoming breezy and crisp. Everyone’s looking forward to chilly days so they can wear hat, boots, sweaters and scarfs. With fall, comes the neutral earthy tones. Say bye bye to fresh bright colors and welcome in warm tones. Here are some trends to fill up your wardrobe with.

How to reduce Bloating after Eating

Bloating after Eating

Bloating, It happens to everyone.Bloating is any abormal general swelling in the abdominal area. Here are some easy ways to adopt to reduce bloating after eating.

Denim Dress and Jeans – The look

Denim Shirt

Every day, Denim dresses are becoming more popular in the world.One of the most multi-purpose fabrics in your wardrobe, I guarantee you! Denim can be worn with elegant jewelry and even with a pair of high heels. For women, Denim gives a feminine touch to your body in a casual way. The best thing about denim dress? It kind of last forever and never goes out of fashion.

Floral Dresses for Summer/Spring

Floral Dresses

The best way to brighten up the day is to get the floral dresses out of your wardrobe. Floral prints bloom up the mood, giving a feminine touch after long dry winters. Floral prints never go out of fashion and you can wear them practically on any event.

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