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Outfits for School – Simple and Cute

Outfits for School

School Fashion never goes out of trend. Waking up daily and getting ready is the hard part. You have an hour or so to take shower, blow dry your hair, change the outfit and do your makeup. Geez! I’ll share with you some of the latest designs for school.

A Sneak Peek into the Fashion Week 2014!

Fashion Week 2014

One of the most exciting and looking-forward-to event of the year: Fashion Week 2014. With the entire hustle bustle behind the stage, we get to see the new latest trends. From new clothing designs to array of latest makeup, fashion week is the beginning of the new fashion statement to come.

Steps towards A Healthy Lifestyle!

A healthy lifestyle

We all know what a healthy lifestyle is, we have been hearing about it since the beginning. But do we imply the ‘healthy’ factor in our daily lives? Here are some easy tips to make your life as healthy as possible are below.

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