Add A Pastel Coat To Your Wardrobe This Winter

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Pastel coats are everywhere, it’s official. Despite the shade of a pastel hue indicating softness, femininity and serenity, it’s actually a tough look to commit to. Think about it – your key piece of clothing is likely going to be in a shade that you find comforting and wearable, that you don’t have to think about. Personally, I think of a great coat and I think about something oversized and charcoal gray with a large collar. I’m not sure I have ever imagined my wardrobe being held together by a canary yellow pea coat or a sugar pink bomber jacket, but times have changed.
Pastel coats

So how do we get our heads round the idea of including something so colorful into our everyday wear? Well, the key is in the name. Pastel. This particular tone in the color spectrum is delicate and soft. For some of you, it may even feel a little childish, but remember it’s not just the color. It’s the shape of the garment and what you wear it with as well.
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A lightweight bomber jacket is an excellent way to start your foray into pastel coats. They’re noncommittal, inexpensive and lots of fun! This one from Forever 21 for example, is a great choice. It comes in a beautiful pastel aquamarine shade with floral embroidery on the front two panels and pastel pink striped cuffs. This will work with any casual outfit that you want to funk up a bit for an evening out. Skinny jeans and trainers with a low cut vest underneath is the epitome of casual sexy.

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Another popular trend at the moment is the pastel fur coat. This may sound a little much, but trust me, it’s fabulous. This pastel mint version from ASOS is a great example of how much fun you can have with these colors. Again, you can rock it with a casual outfit, think denim overalls, Doc Martens and gold hoops do an awesome take on punk rock. Or if you want to style it out in full, then pair with a leather mini skirt, heels and ruby red lipstick for maximum impact.

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One more great look is the dust coat. This long length, lightweight coat has made a comeback over the past few seasons and is an easy look to master in pastel shades. This pink version is a real winner. The combination of the rosy shade with the silk effect finish just screams of luxury and will make you the belle of the ball!
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Collage pastel coats ideas

Pastel coats every fashionista should own this winter

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