Bloating after Eating

How to reduce Bloating after Eating

Bloating, It happens to everyone.Bloating is any abormal general swelling in the abdominal area. Here are some easy ways to adopt to reduce bloating after eating.

Bloating after Eating

What Causes Bloating and How to Reduce it?

1. Overeating: This phenomena is very common. Best way to avoid over eating is choose a smaller plater. Eating in a smaller plate can reduce your overall appetite.

Bloating after Eating

Bloating after Eating

2. Eating too Fast! : Try not to eat too fast, when you are eating chew slowly. Enjoy the flavors of the food. It takes around 20 minutes for the special signal to reach the brain telling it to decrease your appetite. So if you eat to fast, your brain would think you are still hungry. Hence try to eat slower and chew your food twenty times.

Bloating after Eating


3. Carbonated Drinks: The air bubbles in carbonated drink, leads to bloating.Instead of soda, try chilled refreshing green tea. It is a powerful di-uretic. It will help reduce bloating from excess water retention.

Bloating after Eating Bloating after Eating

4. Fried Food: Any potato chips or anything fried will cause bloating. Go for healthy snacks with Nuts and oatmeal. Appreciate the taste of the healthy food.

Bloating after Eating

Bloating after Eating

5. White Flour: Avoid over eating refined carbs in form of bread, pasta or even patties. Instead try brown rice, brown bread or whole wheat grain food.

Bloating after Eating

6. Canned and High Sodium Processed Foods: Try finding processed foods with low sodium alternatives.

Bloating after Eating Low sodium

7. Dairy Products: If you love your milk and cheese, try probiotic yogurt. Yogurt increase the number of good bacteria in your abdomen helping in digestion.

Dairy products yogurt

8. Refined Sugar: Avoid refined sugar products such as cakes, biscuits and instead go for natural sweetener such as honey.


Drink plenty of water, atleast 8 glasses per day. Try to incorporate more greeny vegetables in your diet. If you cant eat vegetable, you surely an drink them up. Juice your greens to get maximum benefits for your skin and body. Your body will thank you always.



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