Astonishing Ruby Rose Tattoos, All 48 Stunning Tattoos

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If you don’t know who Ruby Rose is by now, I’m afraid you must be living under a rock! The wildly successful Australian VJ, DJ, actress, model, recording artist and fashion designer is the hottest topic. Alongside her incredible resume come her incredible looks. She has unique features that combine a masculine edge with a soft femininity. This unusual style is made even more fabulous by her huge collection of tattoos. Over fifty known!

Ruby rose hand tattoos

Ruby Rose tattoos

Ruby Rose has every type of tattoos under the sun. From a full sleeve on her right arm to small letters on the inside of her finger. You name it, she’s probably got it. In the picture below we can see her ode to Polly Esther. This is an anime character from a television programmer called Samurai Pizza Cats. This cute image was the last big tattoo needed to complete her sleeve.

Ruby rose tattoo

As you can see below Ruby Rose tattoos, she also likes to collect mismatched images without necessarily creating a sleeve from them. On her left arm alone we have the mask, a rockabilly style heart and flower, a hieroglyph and a number of other random icons. Amazingly, this works. If you are thinking about adding to your tattoo collection, but are worried about keeping a theme, don’t be. Ruby Rose tattoos are the perfect example that shows mismatching can be the best!

Ruby rose tattoos on arm

Ruby rose tattoos on side arm and back

Ruby rose

Famously Ruby Rose had no tattoos on her legs and said she never would do so, until this unicorn appeared. It is apparently in commemoration of an ex girlfriend. I’m sure we all know how crazy love can make us!

Ruby rose body

Among st all of the images, Ruby Rose also has a number of written tattoos on her body. Including the words Truth, Mum, King. She also has Just Love written across her knuckles. Traditionally this was where someone who had been in prison would have a tattoo! She also has “here” with a star placed at the end on the inside of her finger. Rose has this tattoo done with her sister and she says it signifies “living in the moment”.

Ruby rose just love

Ruby rose

Ruby rose in ibiza port

Ruby rose tattoo style

One of Ruby Rose’s largest tattoos is on her left bicep and is a portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat. She has expressed a huge passion for Basquiat and his work and has encouraged her fans to look up his work and watch a film about his life. Basquiat was a Brooklyn-born artist who tragically died from a heroin overdose.

Ruby rose tattoos