How to grow hair faster!


There are hundreds of tricks and myths to grow hair faster, but most of them are not true.Your genes contribute a major reason to your hair growth rate. On average, hair grows about half an inch a month. This is just an average, but obviously it depends to many factors. Here are some easy natural ways to grow hair faster, see the difference within a month.

grow hair faster

1. Give your Hair Regular Trims – Even an inch is good enough. Even if you have to grow your hair, you need to make sure that they are in good condition. If your hair have split ends, it doesn’t matter how many proteins treatments you use, expensive shampoos and conditioner, nothing conceal them. However you don’t need to trim every month. Trim after 3 months or so,let your hair grow and cutting away the damaged ends will make your hairstyle appear fuller. Hair grows from root and each strand is like a thread of protein which is dead. Cutting the ends has no effect on the root.


2. Dont Wash your Hair Everyday – If you wash hair everyday, the shampoos can strips the hair of its natural oils which results in more oily hair.

washing hair

3. Brush your hair before washing – This way there are fewer post-shower tangles left. Brushing also dissolves the dirt from the scalp and distribute hair’s natural oils. Use boar bristle brushes and brush your hair gently.

brush hair

4. Do exercise – when you exercise, you are improving circulation hence more blood will flow to your scalp. When you exercise, your body produces endorphin. Endorphins lowers your stress levels and you have a less chance of your hair breakage.


5. Get atleast 8 hours of sleep daily – If you wont rest, your body will not function properly. So get lots and lots of rest if you want your hair to grow faster.


6. Massage your scalp – This is one of the most important tricks of growing hair faster. Massage your hair with oils to stimulate the blood flow and allow the scalp to absorb maximum nutrients. Massage in circular motion for atleast 5 minutes a day. You will feel the difference.

massage scalp

7. Maintain Healthy Diet – Your hair could thin out and stop growing if you have a poor diet. Include vegetables, fish, meat and fruits in your diet.

hair grow faster

healthy diet

8. Minimize the use of hair styling tools – Try to not straight or curl your hair every single day. Blow dry your hair at lower temperature.

Hair styling tools