Steps towards A Healthy Lifestyle!

A healthy lifestyle

We all know what a healthy lifestyle is, we have been hearing about it since the beginning. But do we imply the ‘healthy’ factor in our daily lives? Here are some easy tips to make your life as healthy as possible are below. A healthy lifestyle

Choose Healthy Diet: The first step towards a healthy lifestyle is choosing the right quality of foods. Choose foods that have less unhealthy fats (both saturated and trans fats). Instead go for more healthy fats which includes Omega-3, Poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats.

A healthy lifestyle

If you have a sweet tooth like me, it’s time cut down some carbohydrates. Eat lesser sweets, white bread and cakes! Instead of sugary fruit juices and soft drinks go for fresh juices and milkshakes.

A healthy lifestyle A healthy lifestyle Try to incorporate all forms of food essentials such as proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, good fats and dietary fibers. Eat more fruits and vegetables with high mineral and vitamin content.

A healthy lifestyle
Start saying NO to these fried fries

As hard as it is for me to say, you need to eat less process foods. Foods like 2 minutes noodles causes breakouts in skin because of high ratio of sodium. Start taking groceries from a local farmer’s market.

A healthy lifestyle  

Get Some Exercise: We need to get our asses up from the chair watching TV and do some real workout. There’s no tomorrow, you have got to start today. Start with simple stretching and go to a gym or yoga class atleast 4 times a week for an hour. Believe me, It will do wonders. You can also go for brisk walking in your neighborhood listening to your favorite music and burn up to 200 calories per 30 minutes.   A healthy lifestyle The first 4 days might be difficult for you because of the pain in muscles, however soon you will feel the difference. Exercising release endorphins in your body which make you relax and happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy and stress-free? Keep a record of the calories that you are in taking per meal.

Get plenty of sleep as people who sleep less tend to have more weight than people who having right sleeping habits.

A healthy lifestyle

Last but not the least, adopt a better hygiene. Shower every other day, brush and floss your teeth daily twice, clean your hands and feet and remember to wear tidy clothes. A healthy lifestyle

The most important key is to be happy and positive. Practice happiness daily and share the warmth of your heart with others to have an overall great lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle   A healthy lifestyle A healthy lifestyle