When Is Suitable An Evening Gown ?

evening gown

Evening gowns are suitable for special occasions. Which would be a special occasion is the question right? It can be a formal affair, a specific cocktail event that requires distinction, or some glam gala. These occasions, let us use our lovely dresses to show our femininity making us feel flirty and pretty.
Blue sexy evening gownThe length of the outfit is the particular issue. If we are thinking in a formal occasion, a full length can be the right option, always in a sober color.

Evening Gown Colors

evening gowns 2016The Classic little black dress (LBD) is always the not risky option, but we can go from the elegant maxi dress to the sweater dresses. There is always the right option for everyone, no matter body shape, personal style or age.
Depending on personal taste, always dark colors are more sober and make you camouflages into the crowd. But if you love vibrant colors, I think that choosing a bloody red, or an electric blue, could highlight yourself easily.

Line and length of Evening Gowns

Black evening gownsWe all have different body types, that’s why is so important to understand it with all our pros and cons in order to choose the right gown for that evening.

The silhouette is to refer the line of a dress; the different silhouettes are designed to match different body types. Is highly recommended having consciousness of our body, in order to match the formality of the event with our outfit.Black stylish hot evening gown
A line dress: Bottom silhouette is narrower at the top and flares out at the hemline.
Empire waist dress: These dresses have the waistline just above the breasts, and then fall gently.
Sheath dress: this silhouette is straight but has defined waist, generally knee length.
Shirt dress: This dress is like a shirt, with front closure, generally looser straight fit and the waist definition are given by a belt.evening gown banner
Wrap dress: Front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other that ties wrap around the waist.
Body-con dress: This kind of dress is the one that goes very tight to the body, generally made with spandex fabrics.
Mermaid: The mermaid silhouette contours to the body from the chest to the knee, then flares out to the hem.

Evening Gowns Material

Golden evening gownsNowadays there is a very blurred line between the outfits for days or for the night. But generally the fabric goes from velvet, chiffon, satin, silk, transparent organza, and some luxury embroidered materials. Can be shiny stones or sequins, every fabric that bright at night can be a good choice for a detail or some part of the outfit.

Always on heels

evening gown dressesRemember heels make us look taller, and slimmer. If you are thinking of a short dress, you must wear heels, maybe they are not the most comfortable shoe, but believe me; the whole picture will look great. There are always wedge heels that help those who are not trained enough to climb in to peep toes.evening gowns with sleevesI hope this advises can help you to choose the right evening gown for that night.
evening gowns designs latestA perfect sleeveless black evening gown, perfect for a romantic night.

evening gowns greyAlthough Evening Gown is a complete dress, but you will always look sexy if you choose with proper size and cuts.
Transparent sexy evening gown
green evening gownEvening Gown in green color.