Tod’s Bags a Symbol of Quality for Women Handbags

When it comes to women’s handbags everybody recognizes the name Tod’s . This brand is a symbol of elegance and comfort both for shoes and bags. Tod’s was established in 1970 by Mr. Della Valle. It started as a shoe brand when the first moccasin named Gommino was released. This shoe was both classy and long lasting and was perfect for all kinds of occasions.

Tod d bag redThe designer soon expanded his work to produce women’s handbags as well. These Tod’s bags became a symbol of great quality throughout the market and quickly became popular among women all over the world.

Kate Tods BagsAlthough you can find a lot of good handbags in the market, but none of them matches the standards set by the Tod’s. The cheaper handbags can save you some cash, but they can never be as classy as the Tod’s handbags. They would also be likely to get damaged a lot earlier than a Tod’s handbag.

tods handbags SellaThe popularity of Tods handbags has led to their cheap replicas being produced by a lot of companies. So when you go out to buy the Tod’s handbags you need to make sure that the handbag is genuine. The genuine handbags have the Tod’s brand logo and the stitching is also of top notch quality. Take great caution while buying and it’s better if you shop only from the real Tod’s shops.

Tods D Styling Small Leather Bag in PinkThe original Tod bag is quite expensive, but if you want to save some money you can wait for the end of season sales when all the products are available at lower prices. You are sure to spend a lot of money on these handbags, but the quality is great and they would last for years. So you are actually saving money in the long run that you would have to spend on cheap replicas that don’t even last one season.

Tods SS handbagsWith a Tod’s handbag on your shoulder, you are sure to maintain your image as someone who wears classy clothes and shoes. You can make your peers envious with the beautiful Tod’s handbag. If you already have shoes from Tod’s, you can pair them with an elegant Tod’s bags and get everybody’s attention. Kate Tods D BagKate Middleton is also a big fan of Tods Bags, she was seen many times by using Tod D Bags.
Tod D Bag by kate  Tods bags Tod’s Bags are popular for their quality and durability, although the design and simple, but look elegant.tods handbags  Tods woman bags