Victoria’s Secret The Name of Quality

The Victoria fashion show was held in London. In the year 1977 power house lingerie for women was established by ray Raymond, who was an American businessman. In U.S it is the biggest retailer contains 1,000 places. Here we will describe the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.
josephine victoria secretFirstly the Victoria secret show is totally the ad campaign controversy, because it comes to the campaign of the perfect body, it features body lingerie line. It’s not a fashion show, but you may call it a lingerie company campaign to showcase their products in front of their customers.
oopps at victoria secret fashion showVictoria’s secret is very innovative, recently they have introduced digital technology bra, with a very cheap price of $70 only. It’s not only a sports bra, but can monitor your heart beat as well. This digital bra come in black and pink colors only. These types of bra art total impact of workout, it comes with heart rate sensors.victoria secret one million dollar bra
Another thing is that Victoria secret fashion show is totally growing financially. According to survey Victoria secret fashion show is rising over three years. The Victoria Company is opening stores around the world and in U.S as well.
Victoria Secrets also manufacturing bra, which price is one million dollar, in the year 1996 $1 million bra was worn by Claudia Schaffer. The bra is totally fantastic and in different colors decorated with diamonds, which increase its price.
victoria secret models on ramp walkVictoria secret fashion show is under the L brands. Their company purchased by Bath and body work. Another important thing that Victoria secret fashion show is the first fashion show which gives you the facility to buy night gowns for your mom’s; they provide you all varieties.
victorias secret behind the sceneVictoria secret product, although expensive, but their quality cannot be beaten. They put a lot of hard work and using latest technology to manufacture their products. You will feel the difference only once you wear their lingerie, bra and swimsuits.
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