How To Wear a Bandana On Head For Girls

Bandana on head outfit

So you feel like spicing up your hairstyle but don’t want to chop of those luscious locks? Well, it’s possible that a bandana will be the answer for you. From 1940’s pin up girls with rolled fringes; to rockabilly chicks with tattoos; to the free love hippies of the seventies to contemporary bows and knots. The bandana comes in many shapes and styles and the longer the hair the more fun you can have with it.

BandanaSo let’s look first at the most classic and simple way to wear a bandana with long hair, leaving it down. Now I’m a big advocate for waves and curls, but with this look, there’s something incredibly alluring about long sleek hair. So make sure it’s freshly washed and as glossy as possible and run a pair of straighteners through it if needed.

Bandana on head girlNext, the fun part, choosing your bandana! Personally, I like to go with a traditional silk square. By holding two opposite corners and rolling, it creates a nicely textured but flat surface to work with. Of course, there are many other options too, scraps of material, ties, handkerchiefs – anything with an eye catching print works! Now simply wrap the bandana straight over the hair horizontally and tie at the back. This is as easy as it gets. Pair it with a band tee and some dark eyeliner and you can channel your inner rock goddess!

Bandana on head womenIf you’re after an even more authentic feel to your bandana styling, then I would recommend learning how to tie a bandana traditionally by following the guide below. This style covers the entire head and hails back to the glamour of the forties and fifties. It’s a statement look, but if you’ve chosen the correct colors for your skin tone, it’s incredibly flattering. Your hair falls out from underneath over your shoulders and if you have a fringe, pull this free as well.

Stylish bandana long hairOne last quick and easy way to wear a bandana with long hair is to go the messy, hipster route. Pull the bandana up under your hairline and round your face. Push your hair back off your face and tie in a big floppy bow. This is also one of the most practical ways to use a bandana if you require actually keeping your hair out of your eyes, so perfect for all you artists out there!

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Bandana on head outfit


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